Hamachi Crudo with Chiles & Lime - From anbui.tumblr.com

Hamachi Crudo with Chiles & Lime - From anbui.tumblr.com

Taking pictures of beautifully plated food and uploading them to the internet makes my friends jealous. They ask me all sorts of questions about the food and its preparation; these questions would be better directed to the chefs.

So that got me curious – which chefs are blogging and sharing information about the happenings in their restaurants? Since I live (and work and play) in Seattle, I thought I’d share some of the blogs by Seattle-area chefs:

Maria Hines of Tilth has been blogging since August 2007. She shares menu information, recipes, awards and other juicy tidbits.

Gordon Naccarato of Pacific Grill lets readers know what he’s eating, serving and what others are saying about Pacific Grill. He also dishes up tasty pictures of food p0rn.

Tasting Menu, the joint blog of Hillel of Jackson Fish Market and Dana of Poppy, shares two different perspectives. Hillel, a self-described professional eater, gives his view from behind the plate. Dana, a professional pastry chef, shares her perspective from behind the stove. They’ve been blogging since 2001.

What chef blogs do you read? What do they talk about? Please share in the comments!