The Power of the PF Chang’s Brand Promise

November 11, 2008

I went to the TriCities, or Kennewick-Richland-Pasco, Washington for the First Learn About Web Conference. Speakers from Columbus, Ohio; Florence, Alabama; and Reno, Nevada flew in to talk about social media, search optimization, usability, Web site architecture and other topics to teach small businesses how to leverage the power of the web to drive new business.

These speakers, bloggers, consultants often travel. From TriCities one weekend to Las Vegas for PubCon the next week, the many places they go affords them the opportunity to the local cuisine. What if you just want to solve the food problem? How do you decide where to go?

Brand Promise – P.F. Chang’s in Three Locations:

Average Rating Given Number of Reviews

Average Rating Given Number of Reviews

Where x = TriCities, Washington; diamond = Seattle, Washington, and triangle = Palo Alto, California.

Why P.F. Chang’s? Because it provides a consistent Asian bistro experience, patrons know what to expect. From 3 to 131 reviews for each individual restaurant, ratings appear to converge to 3 stars on yelp. For a predictable, low variance experience, PF Chang’s fits the bill.


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