Passion Puts Butts In Seats

November 8, 2008

image “Don’t people have better things to do than sit around and write about my restaurant?”

I get this kind of question a lot from clients. They are perplexed.  Why would people bother to go to sites like Yelp or Urban Spoon and talk about their restaurant?

Passion.  The same passion that carried you to open your restaurant is what carries people through the door.  In other words, they’re just like you.  They love food, they love being social, and they love to share that passion.

Increasingly, Yelp and Urban Spoon are the first stops people make to learn about a restaurant.  They do not go to the newspaper.  Why would they? The newspaper is new every day, there is no compendium of opinion.  There is no community.

So now, everyone who comes into your restaurant is a potential “critic”.  But go to Yelp and look at the reviews.  They are better than critics you used to suck up to.  They are enthusiasts.  Sure, they can be critical, but they are there for the passion, not the paycheck.

If they come in and have a good experience, they will tell others – actively and eloquently.  If they don’t, they will tell you how to make things better.  Their reviews put butts in seats.  Pure and simple.

If you have a restaurant, watch the reviews, learn from them and thank people for being passionate. They share your passion.  They are your community.


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